2013... B-Sides and Snapshots

31st of December. Top-Of and Best-Of lists all over the social webs - you've probably seen enough of these. Still, this is the time to look back at the past year and so I thought I'd tell the story of my year with the help of a few shots from behind the scenes.

OK, I understand. This may sound like a poor excuse for someone who is struggling to compile a list of good shots from the past year. And yes indeed, my list of great-landscape-in-unbelievable-light-shots of 2013 is quite short. But then again my year 2013 was about so much more: I walked further and climbed higher than ever before. I went to see new countries and went back to places I had been to before. I spent weeks away from home with my love and with old and new friends. And the best thing about it: I enjoyed every single minute!

2013 was a great year. And to be honest - my best photographs (even twelve of them) could not summarize better what it was about, than these shots below.

Thanks to everyone involved in making my 2013 the year it was! You guys rock!

March - Indian Himalayas

One of the many bridges we crossed during the countless hours of jeep rides through North Sikkim.

Even in the remote himalayan town Lachen we found a little "bar".

Prayer flags near the HMI Basecamp in Khangchendzonga National Park,
South Kabru in the background.

South Kabru in ice cold morning light. A b-side to
"Kabru's Awakening" and of course "Himalayan Twilight"

Kabru, Goecha and Kanchenjunga - the amazing panorama on the way to Goecha La pass.

I knew it was his territory but I never ever would have thought
we'd be able to spot his tracks: the elusive Snow Leopard

After 13 days of trekking the Himalayas we were ready for our first Tongba,
the local millet beer which is traditionally served hot and in a bamboo mug.

May - Stormy cantabrian Coast

The vertical and slightly cooler b-side of "In Perpetuity".

Dull skies and rain greetet us at Portizuelo beach in Asturias
on what should have been a sunset shoot with José Fernández.

A storm rolled over Asturias during our stay. Big waves and high tide mean you can watch the Bufones.
Check out this youtube clip, to understand what they are (please ignore the music and overall style)

La Huelga and the rainbow. A b-side of "Sunset Fury" (unreleased on my blog - see below).

Sunset Fury © Joerg Bonner

At work. © Katharina Track

August - Austrian Mountains

A b-side to an unreleased image - I'm sure it will pop up here some time soon.
If you had asked me before I'd have never guessed that this location might be in Austria.
Luckily now I know.

September - Two Nights in Morocco

Chefchaouen's beautifully painted streets and houses.

Call of the Muezzin © Joerg Bonner

November - Spring in Patagonia

Patagonian Snake © Joerg Bonner
Patagonian light at its best during our landing approach to El Calafate.

A familiar sight in spectacular light.

Breakfast on the terrace. © Bernhard Vesely

A still image taken from the video footage for our upcoming movie project "Try Patagonia".

Lunchbreak with a view. Lago Viedma.

A night under the stars.

Yours truly. Warm tea after (another) short night. © Bernhard Vesely

The spaceship aka aurora cloud.

Camera and tripod always in a tight grip - lesson learned after a gust blew over my 5D Mark II
which we used for timelapse. © Bernhard Vesely

A nice and sheltered spot for a stormy night.

The whole group posing for a last shot before we left Parque Nacional los Glaciares.

...And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody!!


  1. Wow Joerg really an intensive year with excellent images. Un abrazo amigo

    1. muchissimas gracias amigo!! all the best for 2014!
      un abrazo


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