In Perpetuity

It has not been long since I returned from a short trip to Asturias on the northern coast of Spain. The trip was not focused on photography and the weather did its best to make taking out my camera senseless, but I still managed to bring home a few shots that I really like. Here's one of them.

Silent Watchers

Patagonia is mostly known for its famous mountains, but you'll also find a fair share of stories being told about the notorious weather. And indeed it's not uncommon to experience four season within one day. Rain, sun and clouds often create unique moods, that we photographers love so much. But what if you're facing a ridge of high pressure and clear skies?

Play of Light

I'm back again with news about conservation efforts - this time it's bad news though. The headline struck me like lightning last week: Nicaragua signed an agreement allowing a chinese investor to build an inter-ocean shipping canal right across the central american country.