Beauty Ahead

The last news about Patagonia that made it into austrian newspapers was when a tourist accidentially set Torres del Paine National Park on fire in December 2011. A few days ago, on May 16th I couldn't believe my eyes when I read a headline about Patagonia again - this time it was good news: Conservacion Patagonica had donated 37,500 acres of land to Parque Nacional Perito Moreno.

Surreal Revelation

I've been trying to capture the beauty of my homecountry Austria for some time now. So far with limited success. But two days ago, after many not so satisfactory attempts, I finally got what I had been waiting for so long. And here it is: my first blogpost about a shot taken in Austria.

Red Dawn

Excuse me for jumping back and forth between continents, but today I didn't really feel like posting another himalayan shot. I've been busy planning another patagonian adventure that's supposed to take place during the next few months and so I thought I'd upload another image from last year's trip...