2013... B-Sides and Snapshots

31st of December. Top-Of and Best-Of lists all over the social webs - you've probably seen enough of these. Still, this is the time to look back at the past year and so I thought I'd tell the story of my year with the help of a few shots from behind the scenes.

Kabru's Awakening

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may remember my post about the trip to Khangchendzonga National Park in northern India. In this post I talked about the ups and downs I experienced during a 13-day trek through the park - and I also mentioned that there were more images to come..

The Colours of Grey

Yesterday I finally had the chance to watch the critically acclaimed documentary "Chasing Ice" in which environmental photographer James Balog sets up 25 timelapse cameras to record the decrease of arctic glaciers. While the topic itself is anything but new to me, the movie stands out for Balog's ambition and its visual impact - it definitely made me stop and think again.

In Perpetuity

It has not been long since I returned from a short trip to Asturias on the northern coast of Spain. The trip was not focused on photography and the weather did its best to make taking out my camera senseless, but I still managed to bring home a few shots that I really like. Here's one of them.

Silent Watchers

Patagonia is mostly known for its famous mountains, but you'll also find a fair share of stories being told about the notorious weather. And indeed it's not uncommon to experience four season within one day. Rain, sun and clouds often create unique moods, that we photographers love so much. But what if you're facing a ridge of high pressure and clear skies?

Play of Light

I'm back again with news about conservation efforts - this time it's bad news though. The headline struck me like lightning last week: Nicaragua signed an agreement allowing a chinese investor to build an inter-ocean shipping canal right across the central american country.

Beauty Ahead

The last news about Patagonia that made it into austrian newspapers was when a tourist accidentially set Torres del Paine National Park on fire in December 2011. A few days ago, on May 16th I couldn't believe my eyes when I read a headline about Patagonia again - this time it was good news: Conservacion Patagonica had donated 37,500 acres of land to Parque Nacional Perito Moreno.

Surreal Revelation

I've been trying to capture the beauty of my homecountry Austria for some time now. So far with limited success. But two days ago, after many not so satisfactory attempts, I finally got what I had been waiting for so long. And here it is: my first blogpost about a shot taken in Austria.

Red Dawn

Excuse me for jumping back and forth between continents, but today I didn't really feel like posting another himalayan shot. I've been busy planning another patagonian adventure that's supposed to take place during the next few months and so I thought I'd upload another image from last year's trip...

Himalayan Twilight

As some of you (those who are following me either on facebook or google+) may already know, I just returned from a 3 1/2 week trip to the indian Himalayas. Apart from travelling around in jeeps for countless hours, we also spent 13 days trekking to the base of the world's third highest peak in Khangchendzonga National Park.

Apricot Sunrise

It's been a while since I posted here on my blog (and other websites too). I've been quite busy lately and I cannot wait to get out again to do some shooting. As of now it looks like new images will not follow until April, but in the meantime I do have some older ones for you...

Nature Highlights

I was asked by fellow austrian photographers at NatureHighlights.com to participate in their blog showcasing one nature image a day. I have been following the blog for a while already and have been impressed by the quality of the images on display since day one. Of course I accepted the offer and will be contributing images to the blog starting from today on a regular basis.

Dawn of the Apocalypse

I have travelled through Patagonia quite a lot and the rugged landscapes have been a huge inspiration for me. But even in a place were beauty is abundant you have to go a bit further - so, by the end of our last stay we left the well trodden path leading from icon to icon, to explore an area that I just cannot get off my mind ever since...